I have a bucket list.  On that bucket list is all sorts of items like backpacking through Europe, visit Australia, dance with the Native Americans at one of the pow wows, or drive a 1969 Camaro completely restored preferably black.  I have plenty more on that list and each person’s list has their dreams, desires or maybe something they just want to do so they can say they’ve done it.  One thing on my list was dog sledding.  I used to watch the Discovery channel as a little girl, intent on the shows they’d show about the Iditarod races.  I wanted to fly with the dogs, explore the wilderness, and really take winter by the balls.  I suppose at 10 years old it’s not every little girl’s dream but she’s still in there, telling me you have to do it one day.

I was given the opportunity a couple of weekends ago.  The overwhelming excitement that came over me is not something that can be described.  So I took a trip up to Breckenridge, Colorado which is about an easy two hour trip to the mountains.   Grabbed a local hotel that night and waited for the the sun to rise.  My excitement kept me up most of the night so sleep wasn’t on my items of things to do.  It was like waking up on Christmas morning when you’re 7.  Who cares if it’s 6am and the rest of the world isn’t ready for you.

I stood in front of the place that would make my anticipation into something real.  I was dressed for the occasion looking all puffed up in my jacket, gloves on and my beanie snugged tight.  I was ready but nervous.  I was about to dog sled and I was going to be the leader of the team.  How cool is that?  I met the others who would be in my group.  We would all get turns driving the sled and the others would ride on a sleigh up ahead hooked to our guide on a snowmobile

Let’s meet my new friends. 

Before the big ride, I had to love on the pups.  Who wouldn’t?  Aren’t they just perfect?  All of them were very friendly.  These two weren’t from my team, but of course I’m a lover.  One dog I met had only one eye (below), but I’d say he was one the coolest of the bunch.  These dogs get fed well, loved on by many people each day, and run their hearts out like they were born to do.  The brake is on, their bark is full of anticipation, and they say  “Let’s go!  I’m ready!  Let’s run!”  You can see it in their faces.  I was right there with them in their passion. 

This is the team that would take me through the woods at high speeds and up tiring hills.  You have to help get the sled up the hills.  The dogs can’t pull you without a little help.  It’s a huge team effort.  Exercise wasn’t an option that day. 

Yetti, is the main lead dog.  He’s the red and white guy who     looks happy all the time with his tongue out.  He knew his commands perfectly.  We took the hills together, asking him to hike up as I helped push the sled.  All of us worked as a team.

Soon it was my turn and my heart was racing.  I looked so silly but who cared?  I was about to have the time of my life.  I let off the brake and off we went.  I leaned into the turns with them and we took off at a steady pace.  The wind is in your face, the smell of the trees, the sound of their paws hitting the snow as they pant, and you can’t help but smile.  At one point we stopped because we had just gone up a hill and everyone was tired.  I now understood without a doubt that the people who did this for sport or a living were in amazing shape.  The next few turns we were going to head down a hill at full speed.  I was doing really good, gave a little brake to keep the lines tight and a left turn was ahead.  I kept low and leaned into the turn, yet I didn’t lean right nor fast enough.  I fell off!  The dogs stopped ahead and I felt myself laughing.  I have never felt more alive!  Of course my team members were laughing as well but who could blame them?  I had just done something that most people only see on t.v.

I would definitely like to see Yetti one more time or maybe 5.

All in all I’ve never had some much fun in my life, besides riding horses of course.  If you know anything about me, it’s hard to beat my love for horses.  In the end, I decided to stay another day in town and look at the ice sculptures, visit some of the shops and have some great dinner.  Of course you can’t forget the dip in a hot tub that sits outside with the ski slopes behind you.

I left early in the morning, a snow storm on my trail and made it just in time for class.