It’s time for a change.  I really need one.  I’m grabbing at the seams for it and yet I still haven’t made the move to do it.  It’s like I’ve locked up all the things I want to do and told myself NO.  I’m not sure if it’s lack of motivation, my very heavy school schedule or I’m just too damn tired to even move.  Goodness my school schedule is insane.  I plan to push through and make it cry haha  No giving up on this side, I promise.

So how does one push themselves for more change when you’re so tired or fully loaded with projects?  Perhaps a more solid schedule will keep me in line?  All I’m asking for at this moment is to get back up on exercising.  I miss it.  I miss the sweat, the energy, the full powered sleep at night, and the high you get when you’re done.  Gosh damn that high is what made it all worth while.  You felt like you were on top of the world and life was alright in that moment. What I don’t miss?  The same thing over and over again.  Boring!

My personal want to projects:

Learn another language

exercise every day

Learn how to play the bagpipes

Horseback riding 4x a week

rock climbing at least 3 times

Buy a SLR digital camera

Buy a damn good bike so I can go biking

horseback ride through Yellowstone for a week

It’s not a long list, but a lot of this takes time in which I just don’t have.  How bad could my school schedule be?  Right now it’s close to a 9-5 job and when I get home I still have to study.  No complaints, truly, but I’m more focused on the books than anything else.  I feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t do something fun!  So if I’m lucky, Saturday is going to be about me and only me.  No books, no class talk, no studying, no nothing.  If I want to not leave my bed all day then damn it, that’s what  I’m going to do.

Back to class because I have a test on muscles and their functions in 15 minutes.  I’ll Ace it, don’t worry