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Broken Seals

Broken Seals

I’m thinking of you
Again, it’s the same
How many lives are living
Damned and too tame?

Strange how I’ve always wanted
A little bit more, a better high
Just getting me through the day
Now the days are a soft sigh

Wasting stench of your pure lies
Lingering in the pale smoke
Burning one for the old demons of lover’s past
Always hungry, the heart’s little joke.

Stuff your change in my pocket
I could use it for the next ride
Into the coffin of life after
You’re the mirror in front of me, do confide.

I should of never believed you
Naive little girl,
Ignorant young woman
Open the cage, give her a whirl

We rode the wings of Pestilence
Yet now my immunity
To your diseased filled charm
Is out of opportunities

I stood at the steps of War
Such silence after the fights
Angled the sword just right
Yet I’m stronger than you by right.

I know the sour taste of,
Starved affection, hands apart
Tipped scales of love, it was Famine
Hemorrhaging, pale, almost time to depart

I knew the Death of us
Was what I prayed for.
I’m not scared, emerging with grace.
No longer a prisoner of war.

By your filthy hands
Cherish the damage that’s been done
I won’t ease your strain
Don’t think for once you were the one.

You didn’t take my wings
Draining angels is what you do
I refuse to be the fallen
For everything that depicts you.

You’ll continue to use
While I’m growing to endure
Suturing the battered pith
I’ve got a personal cure


random thoughts before the 4th

This post is probably going to be everywhere so have fun!

The 4th is tomorrow and seeing fireworks isn’t the same as you were when you were a kid.  I don’t have a desire to rush out to the nearest stands to get the best fireworks.  I don’t have a desire to even watch much of it’s beauty in the warm airy night.  The 4th is a day of remembrance for me more than anything now.   I’m proud of of the people that have helped this country achieve what we’ve achieved.   It can be a heavy price for freedom.

Colorado has been hot these days.  It’s been great but it’s hard to keep the house cool.  The swamp cooler and fans are going but it’s not much cooler than outside.  Summer is going to be a hot one in this house.  If anyone has any ideas on how to better cool down my house, please let me know.  Yesterday was especially hot but I had a great time zip lining.  It was a beautiful flying through the trees, the wind in my face, and the mountains in the distance.  I felt like I should of been doing Tarzan calls.  I loved having a harness on.  It was really cool.  I believe this coming week I’ll be looking into signing up for rock climbing classes.

Also next week I’ll be looking into this volunteer position that helps with rehabilitating horses.  They’ll need  help with mucking stalls, brushing the horses and of course with the horses themselves.  Also there’s a month class on massage therapy for horses.  I just might sign myself up for that too.  This is the best therapy for my soul that I could ever ask for.  Also, this will look good on my resume.  Oh yeah, I’m excited for this coming week.  I want to see what I can get myself into.  It will be great exercise too.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been a little addicted on Prince lately.  I keep replaying his songs.  If it isn’t Prince, it’s Alannah Myles.  She’s pretty damn good too.  I guess I just have a Prince fever.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one this has happened to.   In my car, in my shower, walking down the street, quietly in a store, or anywhere else I can play it, prince is playing.  haha

Lastly, I’ve admitted to myself that I need to work harder on my fitness.  I just really dislike where I’m at in my life with my body.  My bad cholesterol is high, I don’t feel ‘good’ and I feel like I don’t look good.  I want my confidence back.  I love my personality, my integrity, and my blunt honesty.  I love where my life is going and I love all my friends.  I just want to feel better about everything else.  I know what you’re thinking.  Typical female.  It is what it is and I’m being honest with it.  I don’t like feeling insignificant or over looked, not because of looks entirely, yet I feel the way I feel.  I’ll be doing the buddy system that way I have a lot more help in person.  I need a  little extra push at this time.

I hope all of you have a great 4th.  I’ll probably be watching a movie, maybe grill up myself some chicken and enjoy the neighbor’s fireworks for free.