So there I was, Jameson and I getting along pretty well on a Friday night while my friends played pool.  I was laughing so hard at how horrible we all were.  Of course having alcohol to encourage us is how you miss the cue ball so many times before you finally hit your mark.  This night, the girls were just trying to cheer me up.  Help a team member out and make her smile.  I’m not much of a drinker but that night I guess I decided to join in.  It was a dainty bar with one pool table but quiet with a few tellys to watch a game or two.

After awhile three large gentlemen came up to us to see if we might be done with the table.  I didn’t notice at first but everyone around me sure did.  They wrinkled their noses and moved to the front of the bar before I could escape with them.  As soon as I walked by it was the worst raunchy b.o. I have ever smelt in my life.  So thick in the air you could almost see it like on the Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Whew did I walk fast. If it had a color, it would of been green like rotten eggs.  It stuck on your clothes.

The night went on, us sitting in the front of the bar playing trivia on one of the screens.  We’re pretty smart ladies so we were doing quiet well.  I put a few coins in the juke box and the sweet sounds of Nine Inch Nails drifted through the air.  I had to mix it up and play some Phoenix – 1901.  My friend, J, which is what I’ll call her on here, was a bit toasty, yet even sober the girl has a feisty mouth on her.  She tells it like it is and is the biggest smart ass I know.  She’ll let you know.  As we are about to leave, she decides to take her small self and approach one of those large gentleman sitting down in a chair.  This is how she told me the conversation went:

J: Hi, I was just wanting to let you know that one of your friends smells really bad.

Guy: What do you want me to do about?

J: Maybe you could tell him to take a shower?  I don’t know, but it’s so bad you can smell it across the bar

Guy:  He just looks at her, blinks, and shrugs

J: I’d be embarrassed to go around smelling like shit

J proceeds to walk off at this point to our little group.  We laugh our asses off on the way to dropping me off at my apartment.  I still can’t believe she did that.  If she were a guy, I think she would of been punched in the face.  I walk into the door and proceed to pass out in my big comfy bed with a smile on face.

The love of friends.