It’s almost rude to yourself when it appears the brain wishes to talk to you at midnight. Life’s mysteries are solved on the brink of sleep, it seems. I cry more now. I thought being a female was enough, but if you add in a near death experience it equals to tears. These tears are my wealth of gratitude about life.  I feel caged as well. Now I want to do everything possible, to live and breathe and drink in life. Is this what being reborn means?  

He’s so beautiful, my other half. He’s expressive even when he thinks he hides it. He’s loving even when he thinks he can’t express it The strength in him trying to be the best man for me leaves me breathless. I love him. Truly and unforgivably. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff. The wind is blowing and your heart is racing. You could fall any moment, but you can see and feel everything in that one moment. Exhilarating isn’t it?

So between the randomness of this post, I wrote a small poem at 3am. I have no idea why, no idea if it’s any good, and I honestly don’t care. On the other side, I always post my poems.
Here’s to my brain never shutting the hell up…