Broken Seals

I’m thinking of you
Again, it’s the same
How many lives are living
Damned and too tame?

Strange how I’ve always wanted
A little bit more, a better high
Just getting me through the day
Now the days are a soft sigh

Wasting stench of your pure lies
Lingering in the pale smoke
Burning one for the old demons of lover’s past
Always hungry, the heart’s little joke.

Stuff your change in my pocket
I could use it for the next ride
Into the coffin of life after
You’re the mirror in front of me, do confide.

I should of never believed you
Naive little girl,
Ignorant young woman
Open the cage, give her a whirl

We rode the wings of Pestilence
Yet now my immunity
To your diseased filled charm
Is out of opportunities

I stood at the steps of War
Such silence after the fights
Angled the sword just right
Yet I’m stronger than you by right.

I know the sour taste of,
Starved affection, hands apart
Tipped scales of love, it was Famine
Hemorrhaging, pale, almost time to depart

I knew the Death of us
Was what I prayed for.
I’m not scared, emerging with grace.
No longer a prisoner of war.

By your filthy hands
Cherish the damage that’s been done
I won’t ease your strain
Don’t think for once you were the one.

You didn’t take my wings
Draining angels is what you do
I refuse to be the fallen
For everything that depicts you.

You’ll continue to use
While I’m growing to endure
Suturing the battered pith
I’ve got a personal cure