Random things just for you….


1) I’m more country than I give on first impressions

2) Horses keep me grounded…sane if you will.

3) I’ve taught my cat Luna how to sit on command

4) The best feeling I love is waking up to cool mornings yet the blankets are so warm and you can hear the horses in the pasture, the cat is purring at your feet and the sun is making itself known. I miss that

5)I’ve broken my collar bone 3 times

6) I’ve stabbed myself in the leg once

7)I jumped a fence wrong and had part of the fence go through my leg.  I was hanging upside down for over five minutes trying to get myself down.

8) I will put my friends first before myself anyday

9)I love to live alone

10)I love good company

11) I collect stamps

12)I used to live near the street where the Green River Killer was still killing women in Washington state.

13) I’m trying really hard to believe in romance, love, and fluttery feelings.

14) I try to live a life filled with the Creator, appreciating the earth that was given to me

15) I love that bright blue color that fire creates.

16)I believe Atlantis was real

17) I think I need better standards for myself

18) I’m way too nice and feel I should stand up for myself once in awhile

19) I wish dad would actually see how his anger affects people

20)Why do movie previews like to show the whole movie before it even comes out in theaters?

21) Country music really isn’t that bad.  Really.

22) My weakness is Native American men.  They’re beautiful

23)  My other weakness is dark chocolate

24) I own a pair of shit kickers

25) I clean up real pretty but I would rather go play in the mud

26) I love my lip ring

27)I’m unsure of the future and it excites me

28) Some songs I can’t help but put on repeat because playing it once isn’t enough satisfaction.

29)I’ve had dreams of a medicine man since I was six years old.

30) I’m afraid of flying and yet I still fly at least 2-4 times a year, maybe more.

31) I have a large phoenix tattooed on my back. 4-8 more hours and it will finally be done

32) My mother’s passing is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with up to date

33) I love to travel

34) My house is so comfortable that friends like to stay longer than planned.  I’m okay with that 🙂

35) I think of running away and never coming back

36) Many tell me I have an “old soul” and there are days when I feel it.  I’m only 27

37) I believe life’s meaning is different for everyone

38) If I can help it, I’ll never live near the East ever again.  No way

39) I like to eat cereal out of a cup just because it’s fun

40) I won 1st place for best photograph in Wa state and 1st runner up out of five states.  I received $100 for my winnings

41)I was tracked by a cougar once while I was riding on horseback with 3 others

42)I own a gun, a couple of hunting knives, two Native war clubs and two Tomahawk peace pipes that are usable.  I dare someone to make my day 🙂

43)I’ve never smoked a cigarette but I love a good cigar

44)I haven’t watched t.v. in over a month

45)I’m rough around the edges when it comes to living life.  Tomboy 🙂

46)I’m trying really hard to grow my hair down to my waist

47)I sometimes wish I had magical powers (Shape-shifting)

48)I want to horseback through Yellowstone for a week

49)I’m being taught how to make a short bow traditional style

50)I had a book sized stack of poems that I burned a few years ago

51)I own a house in Texas and I’m trying to sell it. Want to buy it?

52)I hardly ever drink pop

53) If I was  being honest with myself, I’m stubborn, have selective hearing and at times I’m quick to anger

54)I’ve never been skinny dipping.  All my friends want to change this for me haha

55)My mother was in the Air Force for 19.5 years and my father for a full 20years in the Army.

56)Honesty, loyalty, and communication are important to me.

57)My favorite color is green

58)I should of said hi but I didn’t because I chickened out.  It happens every time

59)I have two cats and a snake.

60)I believe in P90x 100%

61)I wish I could call up mom and ask her advice on things about life.

62)My as hurts

63)I look damn good in a corset

64) My friend had a double lung transplant and he’s still kicking ass today

65)I love bacon and it just might be the food made for the god and goddesses

66)My friend Brandon likes to be slapped in the face and I like to oblige him

67) I lived in Guam for two years between the ages of 10-12 and it’s where I learned about earthquakes

68)I should listen to my heart more often then my brain but the two like to argue.  I’m always in the middle of it

69) I enjoy this number

70)My great grandmother is half Cherokee and my great grandfather is full Nez Perce

71) I’m far from innocent yet I’m naive about people and giving them the benefit of the doubt

72)My favorite band is Stabbing Westward

73) I’ve posed nude for a university art class.  It was awesome

74) I’ve been dog sledding

75)My type of male is Masculine, passionate, hard working, loving, loyal, believes in traditions, lives a healthy life style, and would rather live in the mountains then the city.   Being a bit stubborn and stead fast in his ways is good too

76)I would rather die trying than die not doing anything.  There’s no need to waste breath

77) Full moons are my favorite nights.

78)One of the first things I notice about a male is his eyes and the way he carries himself

79)  Paper cuts are the most annoying type of cut.

80) Us as women are absolutely beautiful creatures.