My friend and I decided to attend one of the biggest pow wows of the year.  It’s a large event with many many stands that sell a lot of Native items.  It’s an amazing experience.  The opening of the pow wow fills my eyes with tears as the dancers’ feet dance to the rhythm of the drums.  Friday was the opening of the event and it ends Sunday.  I decided that I would go Friday and Saturday, hoping I wouldn’t spend too much money on all the good stuff haha  Of course I did and I was able to try fry bread for the first time ever.  That’s some excellent food. My house is filled with Native American items, I listen to their music in my house, and I read a lot about their culture.  You could say I appreciate their culture.

Yesterday(Saturday) we decided to watch more of the dancing since there were more people that showed up.  There were even more drummers.  I left my friend in the stands to go buy a shirt that I had on hold.  I almost forgot about it so I said I’d be right back.  Another Native sitting behind us then proceeded to approach my friend asking him what he was doing with a white woman here.  He also added on that it was a dishonor to their tradition.  At this point, my friend decided to walk away because he didn’t want to fight him in a place that supposed to be sacred and honoring tradition.

I was taken back by what transpired….and a little hurt.  Although I told him this would happen, that it’s something that I’m used too.  Why?  They want their lines pure.  I understand that.  Yet is racism really appropriate in today’s world?  Aren’t all our lines so diluted that we can’t tell from what’s bottom and what’s up?  I wonder how that man felt about some of the dancers being white and keeping the tradition alive?  Did he not see the one or two white drummers?

I’m saddened by this….