I came back to school with a lot on my plate.  I decided, like I said before, that it was time to buckle down and take responsibility for the time I missed even though I had the flu.   I became a warrior of taking on extra homework, extra studying, and double testing for the next week and a half.  I was in a tornado of trying to keep everything straight in my head.  The house became a mess and I was scattered brained.  The best part?  I brought my grades up with skill.  Oh yes.

Finals are this week.  Today I have a test in Humanities.  Tomorrow is Vet Sci.  Thursday is Math and Friday is a Vet Sci practical.   If I get A’s on my finals like I know I am, then I should be able to pull two A’s and a B for my final grades.  Stoked to the max for that.  Missing days at my school is like missing a year of information.  We get 10weeks and then we move on to the next quarter.  You must retain and keep moving like a pro.  I plan to be that pro.

On a side note, that B would be an A yet the teacher cheated me out of it.  Now I usually don’t argue about grades because what I get is what I deserve.   I came back to class the day I was let off of quarantine for the flu.  Lets call my teacher Mrs. R.  She told me it was good that I came back to class that day or she would of failed me on absences.  I said I had all the proper paperwork to cover that.  Mrs. R said it didn’t matter.  Well then, I left that alone and then asked if I still was going to take the exam today even though I missed the in class videos.  She said yes or I will receive a O.  Okay, no problem.  I’m an excellent writer and when I need to be, a great bullshitter.  My last question for Mrs. R is if and when can I make up the videos I missed because there’s a quiz after each one.  She proceeded to tell me not to worry about it because it wouldn’t affect my grade.  Those are her exact words.  “It will not affect your grade”  Really?  I had a strong A in that class and when I checked my quiz scores, it dropped my grade to a B.  That’s affecting my grade is it not?  That test I took I received an A.  Ahh yes I’m peeved but what can you do?  I almost had a 4.0   Can’t say I didn’t try, right?

As far as this goes, I’m saying goodbye to my A, but I will be notifying someone about this.  I find it unfair.  As  for my readers, I’d definitely like to know you’re opinion on this.  Leave a comment or two.  Am I over reacting?  Am I right?  Am I not seeing a bigger picture here?