I decided a week or so ago that I wanted to do a creative project.  I went back to my new favorite store that has tons of Native items that I could buy.  Beads, pelts, tails of coyote and fox, sinew, bone, knives, medicine wheels, etc.  You could say it’s like candy for me when I walk in there.  You just want everything.  I’m not a hunter myself, but if I were to then I believe in using everything.  I do not believe in sport hunting.  As for this place, well my brain started turning.  They had a few tomahawk peace pipes not decorated.

So there I was buying a peace pipe, along with other items that I thought I might need.  I got started right away.  For the first night I think I spent a good 3 1/2 hours on it.  I first begun to wrap the pipe in dark brown leather.  I wanted to give it a nice base color.  I then wanted some beads on there.  That is a lot harder than I gave it credit.  I decided on a light blue (turquoise) and a nice red.   I made rings of beads around the pipe in the front with the brown leather in between it.  Of course you can’t forget the fringe, which I decided to use deer.  Then I added some feathers,bob cat tail,  a few coyote teeth and claws.  I can’t say it’s absolutely awesome because it’s my very first time doing anything like this, but for me I think I did okay.

I definitely have a better understanding of the time that goes into these Native American projects.  I now know why they charge a lot and how things might be done.  Over all I’m pretty stoked.  I have extra deer skin so I could possibly make moccasins in the future.  I won’t waste anything that I’ve bought.   Of course the goal now is to stay away from that store until I have money I can spend.  I tend to go a bit wild in there.  Shame on me.