I just want to know


If I had no words,
Would your eyes dance,
With mine in sweet tunes?

If my hands spoke,
Would you give them,
The meaning of touching secrets?

If my lips parted,
Would you want to find out,
If you could breathe in my taste?

If my hair fell,
Would you reach out,
To caress it’s softness away from my cheek?

If I fell asleep,
Would you want to know,
If I’d cuddle into your unknowing touch?

If I wrapped my arms around you,
Would it be difficult,
To let go of the warmth between us?

If I leaned into you,
How long would it take,
For you to claim my lips as yours?

If our lips met,
Would my moan give you a yearning,
To run your hands down my back?

If your fingertips,
Slightly dipped down my stomach,
Would you feel me shiver in desire?

If I bit you,
On the neck gently, with a kiss,
Would you growl in approval?

If you shoved me against the wall,
Would you see,
The hunger in my eyes?

If we danced,
In the moonlight on a summer’s night,
Would we laugh in delight?

If I asked you,
To see me for what I am,
Would you feel the void inside my fragile heart?

If I told you,
You’re a man of worth,
Would you smile, knowing you treat me right?

If I whispered,
How I feel in three simple words,
Would we continue to build memories?

I just wanted to know…

Written 2010 by April Knapp