I’m sitting at school today and I realized something.  I’ve done well.  Most people who are behind as I am when it comes to tests, notes, and things I must know on my practicals for finals would of dropped the class.  That is not an option for me nor will I let it be.  I’m studying my ass off.  I’m arriving as early as 6am and my average day this week, I haven’t left before 5pm.  I’m putting my time in and giving it all I’ve got. Sure, my grades have dropped slightly but I’m doing well.  I’m busier then I’ve been since I’ve started school and I love it.  You give me a challenge and I’ll push back.  That’s exactly what I’m doing.  Pushing.  My friend Liz told me I’m doing better than I think I am.  This is probably true considering that we are our worst critic.   The reason why I’m behind is because of that awful flu I had.  I was quarantined for five days.  Yup five days.  Thanks to my friends, soup was dropped off at my door.  I can’t tell you how much hatred I have for soup right now.  Five days missed at my school kicks you in the ass, but I decided that I would kick it’s ass instead.  I didn’t want to be the one to drop.  I don’t want to be the one who says “I have to take the class again”  No, this is not for me.

I have animal care this week and I love it.  Animal care is when you come in at different times of the day between classes and take care of the dogs and cats.  Cleaning, socializing and walking.  I know others wouldn’t agree with me because of the time it takes up your day, but I love it.  And why shouldn’t I?  I want to be a Vet Tech and if I want that, then I should want to take the time to do even the worst of jobs for these animals.  I’m their advocate.  I’m their voice.  I want to succeed for them.

Ahh math.  I’ve had so much trouble with this class with the time I’ve lost and yet I succeeded.  I’d say I’m damn proud of myself.  I had a tutor along with my friends tutoring me.  Thank goodness for that!  I had a major math test today and I feel like I did really well.  Most have trouble finishing it in time, but I finished not only in time but with time to check my work.  Woot!  What’s important about this math isn’t the A’s or B’s I receive, but if I get it or not.  I can not do anything without really grasping this math.  I will be using it for the rest of my life in my career.  I refuse to be the one to overdose or incorrectly dose an animal and risk killing something I love.  I refuse it so the A’s don’t matter.  What matters is that it sticks in my brain like mud.

And with those thoughts in mind back to class I go….