So there was 2010 and it was a dramatic experience for me, including my friends and family or anyone else that was in my life at that point.  There’s a change that can not be undone and I was the middle standing ground for all of which it centered.  It’s not like I asked for it, but hey life can be a bitch.  Who’s to say I can’t push back?  So I did the best I could and I still am.

2011 is here and I can’t even explain how epic this year is going to be.  In fact it might be one of the best years of my life.  It’s pretty obvious how much more awesome it’s going to be than last year.  It will be like a sunrise in my heart.  No joke.  We are talking about epic proportions here people.  So shall I explain my upcoming year?

Number 1 awesome thing that started this year right is that I got the flu.  I know what you’re thinking but let me finish.  I lost 10lbs and I’m keeping it off so far.  I’m also about to get back into P90x.  If you haven’t tried it, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing with your life.  It is truly the kick ass version of kicking your ass and you’ll top out the winner in 90 days.  How could you get any better than that?

The second awesome thing that will happen is I’ll be at the biggest pow wow the day after my birthday.  Now if you know anything about me you know I have an insatiable love for their culture, artifacts and well of course their men.  I won’t deny I have an extreme soft spot for them.  My secret is out.  Pow wows are amazing, fun, and down right awesome.  So there you have it, my great birthday present.  Just me and they didn’t even know it.  How thoughtful of them to do it around my birthday.

Now the third thing is pretty cool and I think that everyone should do it at least once.  Camping.  I’ll be doing that in May.  Straight up in the mountains and by a beautiful small river.  I could live there forever, really.  I promise there will be pictures.  It’s like a mini vacation.  During this trip I’ll be learning how to make my own short bow done traditionally Native American style.  It takes a bit of time but it will be very much worth it.  First you soak the wood in cold water for 12hrs.  When the wood is pliable you bend it and put it in a vice so it’ll stay that way.  Once that is done you hang it up 4ft above the fire.  This will dry out and seal the wood in that shape.  Cool or what?

Also in May I will be having what I hope to have as my last sitting for my tattoo.  Hopefully that phoenix will come together and I’ll have an epic bird on my body as beautiful art.  I really have no words for  how much I love my phoenix.  Here’s what I’ve got so far.

As far as my fifth journey into this year, I’ll be going to Vegas for a weekend with friends around August.  I’ve never been so I can’t wait to explore it with good company and great laughs.  I’m sure by the time I have been to and back from Vegas and my trip into the mountains in May I will have also made a trip to the Renaissance fair.  How could I not?  If I don’t, I wouldn’t be supporting my nerdy love for old ways and dressing up for the occasion!  Oh the decisions to be a lady or a gypsy?  What do you guys think?  A lady?  It might be hard for me to pull that one off, haha.  Or maybe a gypsy?  You decide, let me know.

As far as the sixth, I’m hoping my main journey of the year will be Australia.  It’s extremely important I go, so I know it will happen.  I will finally take my mother to her resting place and we will see the ocean together.  I might even look at a few houses for fun, just for her.  I promised I’d keep the trip according to plan and I don’t break vows.  Very important I go, hands down, don’t get in my way kind of thing.

Out of all these things, I’ll be attending school and heading towards a path in my life that I’ve dreamed about for so long.  It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  Pushing the boundaries, setting goals, and defying the challenges are what make life so damn great.  Really, it’s amazing.  I’ve made the decision to make my life full of quality and quantity where I can have it.    Not to mention I did make that dog sledding trip in January as well.  Dog sledding for goodness sakes!  It’s under a previous post called Hike up Yetti, so if you’ve got a moment, read it.  I think you’ll enjoy the trip as much as I did.

Epic proportions this year!