There are moments in life where I go “oh my!”  Today is one of those moments.  Instead of it lasting for a few seconds, I think it’s here to stay today.  In other words, I feel amazing!  I just had to share it, to tell the whole world that today I’m going to shine, walk with my head held high, and walk around with color in my heart.  I’m going to sparkle with life in my eyes.  I know it’s cheesy but it’s not as cheesy as the vampires who sparkle in Twilight.

I turned the music up really loud this morning and danced my heart out.  You ever feel like doing that?  Well I suggest it.  It’s good medicine.  The sun is shining.  All my blinds are open along with the windows.  What a perfect slightly windy, sunny day!

Okay okay so you get it.  I just hope you can share in the delight with me.  Will you shine today?