He caresses her cheek, placing a soft kiss on the other.  Tenderness given to the love of his life.  She’s beautiful, his light and it shows with a look, a touch, and a smile.  No words were ever needed.

Ahh but we are in reality not fantasy right?  So they make us all a special day called Valentines day.  It’s not like I haven’t received gifts from partners or joyful text messages from my girlfriends, but why should a day tell us when to express our love and affections?  Why should there be a holiday to prove something to someone when we all should be doing it every day?

This is where I am going to express my dislike for Valentines day.  Oh yes, you read right.  I’m really not in love with lover’s day.  Why can’t a man give me gifts just because it’s Wednesday?    It’s so much more appealing to know he was thinking of me on a random day.  Also what happened to courting?  I’m not talking about 17th century so out of date courting, but courting non the less.  Of course if you aren’t out for love, then by all means, skip the courting.  Yet if you are out for love, shouldn’t it be worth putting effort in?  It’s not like the effort I’m asking is to take on the world of the female species, just my world.  I’d say I’m not that complicated, right?  For those that know me, stop laughing.  I’m simply saying let’s not give Hallmark and all the others who are grinning ear to ear, the pleasure of winning anymore.  They’re making money off of a holiday that we should be doing with others anyway!

Now that I’ve made a very small valid point, here’s a love poem I wrote awhile ago.  I thought it might go with the occasion


Tis night,

Bright, a lovely glow.

Thy moon is high and half

Drunk off this sweetness,

A smile, the joy, I give a laugh.

I stumble upon thy words,

Confess love, oh love!

To confess, a feeling, my heart,

No more does it beat apart.

Love is shown to bring thee home.